Zodangan Genral
Vital statistics
Title Genral
Gender male
Race Zodangan
Faction Zodanga
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Status unknown
Location Barsoom
This unnamed zodangan was Sab Than's genral in the Zodangan army.

He was one of the men who acompined Sab Than on his flagship that was pursuing Dejah's flagship so that sab than could capture her and force dejah to marry him. After The flagship was able to catch up to dejah's and Than's men were dispersed to find her, He informed sab than that they couldn't find her; making sab mad. Some time following this, he was among than's men present when sab than was going to kill Carter but because thraks shot at the ship he and sab than were forced to flee.

Some time Later, he is seen being upset with Sab Than, during which it is confirmed that he is sab than's genral, and sab than makes him backoff.

He was then one of the gaurds who accompined sab than to retrieve dejah for the wedding.

It is unknown what happened to him after this ,but he was probally killed in the battle at helium.