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Zodanga is a kingdom in Barsoom. Its inhabitants are primarily Red Martians. Its Jeddak is Sab Than, the prince assumed the title when he murdered his father Than Kosis. Zodanga is at war with Helium, as it has been for a thousand years. They use red colors to symbolize their aggression.

The CityEdit


The city of Zodanga is located in Barsoom's southwest hemisphere. The city is covered by sentries who patrol just within the walls. The city itself resembles a walking refinery, it is greasy, smell, smoky, sooty, black and grey, steel and lifeless. It moves over the surface of the planet on hundreds of massive mechanical legs, its massive hangar decks house the many airships that zodangans use to attack their enemies. The city itself has been through so many battles that it is been rebuilt and redeveloped over the various wars!

The InhabitantsEdit


Zodangan soldiers

The Zodangans are hostile, manipulative, and aggressive people who wage war on the Heliumites, The Tharks, and any other enemies that cross their path!

Known Zodangans


Zodangans most use straight swords with an inverse blade for thrusting and cutting motions. Their armor is rigid with straight lines and has a unique arm shield for deflecting incoming attacks.

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