Race: Thark (Green Martian)
Status: Deceased
Other Information
Residence: Thark, in Barsoom
Occupation: Warrior/elder
Marital Status: Single
Allies: Tal Hajus
Enemies: Dejah Thoris, John Carter, Tars Tarkas, Sola
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Behind The Scenes
Portrayer: Polly Walker

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Sarkoja was a malevolent elder woman of the Tharks who lives in Thark. She is the captor of Dejah Thoris and she was also responsible for the death of the mother of Sola, Tars Tarkas' daughter. She is known to have abused and mistreated Sola throughout her childhood. She was almost as brutal as Tal Hajus and after they found out that Tars Tarkas allowed them to escape, she helped him dethrone him. When John and Tars were thrown into the arena with the White apes, she found out that Sola was Tars daughter. She then tried to force her to watch the death of her father, but Sola took her and threw each other into the arena, and while she tried to get out, she was quickly picked up by an ape and viciously ripped in half.
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