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Sab Than
Race: Red Martian
Status: Deceased (Cause of Death: killed by Matai Shang)
Other Information
Residence: Zodanga, upon Barsoom
Occupation: Prince of Zodanga
Marital Status: Unknown
Allies: Matai Shang
Enemies: Sarkoja, Tal Hajus, Tars Tarkas, Tardos Mors, John Carter
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Behind The Scenes
Portrayer: Dominic West
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Sab Than is the Jeddak of Zodanga, a title he earned by murdering his father Than Kosis. He is the secondary antagonist in John Carter (2012). He is impulsive, arrogant and aggressive; promoting war and conquest as the Zodangan way of life. With his dangerously calculated charm, Sab Than will even try to make a deal with the devil to destroy Helium and rule all of Barsoom.


John Carter (2012)[]

When given the 9th Ray weapon by Matai Shang upon meeting, he attempts to shoot Shang, but becomes overpowered by him. He announces to Helium that he will stop the war between the Zodangans and Helium, on one condition: he marries Princess Dejah Thoris. But this masks his true insidious plan: after he marries Dejah during the alignment of the Martian moons, he will destroy Helium to expand his dominium, but he didn't know that it was all part of Matai Shang's plan. However, his plan fails when Earthman John Carter, allied with the Tharks, stops the wedding, saves Dejah and Helium. He fights Carter but his arm was cut off by him, but instead of killing him, Carter tried to get him to tell him about the Therns, but before he could say too much, Matai Shang used the 9th Ray to cover his head and crush his skull.