Matai Shang
Race: Thern
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Other Information
Residence: Unknown
Occupation: leader of Holy Therns cult
Marital Status: Single
Allies: Sab Than
Enemies: John Carter
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Behind The Scenes
Portrayer: Mark Strong

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Matai Shang is the Hekkador of the Therns, his goals are mysterious and enigmatic. All that is known is that he has allied himself with the Zodangans and is providing them with advanced technology. In his latest goal, he allies himself with Sab Than, the Jeddak of Zodanga, who plans to marry the Princess of Helium, Dejah Thoris, and kill her during the wedding ceremony. When that happens, Sab Than will rule Barsoom, causing it to end life there, and nature will follow its intended course, which is what Matai Shang and the Therns want. In the end, his goal were foiled by John Carter. Shang, using a medallion, later sends Carter back to Earth, before leaving Mars forever and returning to his realm.

Years later, Carter would return to Mars by tricking a Thern into revealing himself to get a medallion from the Thern to return to Mars.

Matai Shang is the secondary antagonist of John Carter and is portrayed by Mark Strong.
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