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Gothan, standing beside a portrait he painted of his younger self.

Gothan is a legendary Warhoon warrior who is well known throughout Barsoom, and said to the the most fierce and devastating warrior on the planet. According to legend he remains immortal by feasting on the hearts of his victims.

The truth is he is old, having long since grown too old for battle, he lives a solitary life within a mysterious citadel spending his time indulging in painting.

The trio of Tal Hajus, Tars Tarkas, and Loas set out to defeat this legendary warhoon warrior. When they came upon him Tars Tarkas did not wish to end the old mans life as it wouldnt be a worthy fight, but Tal Hajus' mercilessly attacked the old man. With his dying breaths he used a great horn, the sound of which went far to be heard by groups of warhoonians, tharks, zodangans, and even two heliumites on patrol.