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Ralok Ralok 26 July 2012

John Carter Sequel Petition

I want to take a moment to inform you all of the John Carter sequel campaign on facebook, they are gathering signatures to send petitions, both physical and from

here is the facebook page

and here is the petition

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Porterfield Porterfield 15 March 2012

A 10-legged Lizard-Dog That Runs 250 mph

Your eyes do not deceive you. This little beastie runs faster than a race car, has rows of razor-sharp teeth, an amazing sense of smell, and it can easily tunnel through the ground with it's 10 powerful legs. As you'll see in the handy info-graphic below, Woola is the name of John Carter's loyal companion, a type of creature called a Calot. Posted below that you'll see an extended clip from the film. It's an action-packed clip that really goes to show that having a Calot at your side is pretty clutch when you're the only human on Mars.

Bummer it's fictional. Hopefully my desire to have one of these as a pet (named Reggie) doesn't develop into something like Pandora depression. Enjoy the new video and please vote in the poll below.

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 5 March 2012

10 Minute John Carter Preview

Have you watched this exclusive 10-minute preview for John Carter from EW?

Don't expect any spacemen or Mars just yet- this clip takes place entirely on Earth!

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Ralok Ralok 5 March 2012

The Life and Mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs

One of the biggest groups in the John Carter community, the John Carter Files is producing a documentary on Edgar Rice Burroughs!

Help them out by donating to their amazing project!!!!

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Ralok Ralok 27 February 2012

John Carter Fan Trailer

This John Carter fan trailer was created by

it has been linked on over a hundred websites, and is being called far better than than any of the official trailers. And I think they are right, give it a look!

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Ralok Ralok 14 February 2012

Beautiful video from Andrew Stanton

this video is stunningly awesome

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Ralok Ralok 14 February 2012

Andrew Stanton Interview (we want one)

I just read a GREAT interview with stanton

and I found myself desperatly wanting to interview Stanton. if you wikia folk are reading this maybe you have strings to pull or contacts to . . . contact . . . I would really love to interview Andrew Stanton.

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Ralok Ralok 13 February 2012

An Introduction to John Carter, from disney

This is one of the best videos released yet, I am also including two other magnificient trailers disney has released for the film.

I still have no idea how to embed these things, but these are all great videos. Please enjoy them :D

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Ralok Ralok 8 February 2012

The best trailer EVER

A new traielr was released, a preview during the premiere of the new show "The River"

and this is far better than teth superbowl trailer

this might be the best trailer!


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Ralok Ralok 6 February 2012

Superbowl Ad is online

and it looks pretty dang good :D

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 31 January 2012

Preview of John Carter Superbowl Trailer

The definition of hype?

Probably a nine-second clip of a trailer--a trailer of a trailer, basically. But that doesn't mean it's hype for nothing--John Carter of Mars will have a trailer during the Superbowl...and we all know the Superbowl doesn't play around with bad commercials or pointless trailers.

There's a rumor that you could win free Superbowl tickets for next year if you pay close attention to some sort of "hidden message" within this clip--any guesses for what it might be? I'm totally stumped!


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Ralok Ralok 17 January 2012

Yet another NEW TRAILER (best trailer YET)

I am still sketchy the the whole "embedding" thing but here it is

BAM the best trailer for the film yet ^ _ ^

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Ralok Ralok 25 December 2011

Glyph Translation From Movie = Gibberish

I recently saw the Japanese trailer

I WAS EXCITED AMAZED WOWED , it was nearly A PERFECT TRAILER, I hope to GOD they released it in english


And I was amazed to see our beloved martian glyphs in the movie in some sort of ancient ruin

SO I TRANSLATED THEM TO GAIN THE WONDROUS INCITE INTO ANDREW STANTONS LOVELY VARIATION OF BARSOOM, what secrets what wonder what fascinating new things would be revealed about this amazing world?

I have never been more disappointing in my entire life, not only do these not form english words, they dont form words that could exist in any language, they are unpronounceable . . . it is just a jumble of non-sense letters

I hope to god that they fix this before the movie is released

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Ralok Ralok 23 December 2011

Japanese Stuff

The release of a great Japanese trailer has got me excited

as well as Andrew Stanton talking to the japanese people about this great film!

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Ralok Ralok 22 December 2011


The first game in a series of online flash games made by disney has been released (woooo yay)

you can play it here

it is actually pretty good, it succeeds in areas that other block breaking games fail surprisingly. It actually has diverse gameplay changing it every other level or so, so it doesnt get boring.

There is ALOT of good art in this game

This is ALOT of fun check it out

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Ralok Ralok 18 December 2011

Music from the film (yay)

you can hear it here around 44:00

The music in my opinion is absolutely beautiful :)

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Ralok Ralok 16 December 2011

TV spots just released!

two new TV spots were just released on

they are in one video (tv spots)

they contain some new footage and are really nice


they uploaded the second tv spot (warhoon) to youtube


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Ralok Ralok 1 December 2011


watch it, enjoy it!

oh and a redesign of the main website :D

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Ralok Ralok 30 November 2011

new trailer, partially here

here is a cut up version of the new trailer

full thing coming tonight dont worry

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Ralok Ralok 28 November 2011

New John Carter Poster

From my understanding this new poster was released roughly an hour ago!

Also for an update of other news, A new trailer will premiers on Jimmy Kimmel live on 11/30 and will be available online the next day!

Aswell disney is re-releasing all the original books in omnibus format with snappy new covers, and a novelization of the film is also on its way :D

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Ralok Ralok 27 November 2011

New Trailer, and New Images

first off here is a link that has size new images in it :D including the uglydorable woola!

also according to Andrew Stantons twitter we are going too see a new trailer december first online, but hte night before we will see it on a talk show . .. I am not sure what talk show though!

edit : Jimmy Kimmel Live

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 27 November 2011

First Look at Fearsome White Ape from John Carter the Movie

On March 9, John Carter will be in theaters, and so we've got a long time to anticipate how the film will look in comparison to the books. If you're a Barsoom fan, you're probably wondering how the film will do the fantastic series justice.

Indeed, the white apes, the scary creatures that John Carter first battles with upon landing on Barsoom, will be in the film. But will they be the same as they were described in the books?

No. Andrew Stanton reveals that the white apes will be much larger in the film, instead of looking like "oversized gorillas" as they were portrayed in the books. In addition, they will be more present overall in the film, mentioned more, and featured more.

So what do you think? Is Stanton's version of the white ape a…

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Ralok Ralok 23 November 2011

New Article

a new article

I havent read it yet, but I LOVE THAT PICTURE


I especially love carter in this image

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Ralok Ralok 2 November 2011

Facts From the Film!!!

I know I am a little late in dilivering this news, but it is realyl important to all who frequent this page that . . . they know this!

a myriad of facts and information pertaining to the film was released . . . HORAY

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Ralok Ralok 24 October 2011

How it should be handled!

Okay, I think it is time I compiled my thoughts on how I feel the series should be handled by Disney. there is ALOT of great material to work from with Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars . . . but some not so good . . . but here is a full outline of how I think they can best handle the material

  • 1 Main Films
  • 2 Animated Films
  • 3 Series
  • 4 Subsequent films

First off we have A Princess of Mars, as of now I think disney is doing a fine fine job of adapting it, they have made some changes turning Therns into shapeshifters and the main bad guys I think will have some positive effects.

Second we have The Gods of Mars, interesting challenge with the upgraded status of the therns. I think that the First Born should occupy the role of the Therns! The Yellow martians should …

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Robert Alvarez Robert Alvarez 15 October 2011

Can't wait

I can hardly wait for the movie. I have been waiting for a John Carter movie since the 70's

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Ralok Ralok 12 October 2011

New Comic Means New Background

So I got to thinking, with todays release of John Carter world of mars

(the official movie prequel comic)

That I would change the background to something . . . a little more . . . appropriate

so I put in a request for this background at the logo creation wiki and this is what happened (thank you Tama63 )

I had to alter it so that Carter was split appropriately

but I think it looks pretty good ^ _ ^

this is a link to the original image ^ _ ^

I believe that this is also the first issue cover, the cotton candy carter image I think was ditched after a negative reaction

EDIT : Horay . .. I fixed it :D

now it looks pretty good

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 10 October 2011

New John Carter Image Features Taylor Kitsch as John Carter

For those of you eagerly awaiting the release of John Carter, here is a little tidbit for you--Buzz magazine has released a photograph of Taylor Kitsch as John Carter. Wonder what he's looking up at, huh? Looks like we're just going to have to wait till the movie comes out to know for sure.

Do you think Taylor Kitsch makes a convincing John Carter? What are you most looking forward to seeing in the film? Comment below and let us know!


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Ralok Ralok 10 October 2011

Production Images

I just thought you guys would like to see some picks

curtsey of wherever got them from

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Scarecroe Scarecroe 23 September 2011

Looking forward to John Carter

I first heard about a "John Carter of Mars" film project some years ago, when rumors were abound that it was being set up at Pixar. This turned out to not be the case, but the rumors started as the project was being helmed by Andrew Stanton. Stanton has worked at Pixar for many years, and is one of the chief creative minds behind the likes of Finding Nemo and WALL-E. These are two of my favorite movies, so my interest was piqued.

I lost track of the project for a while, and hadn't heard anything about its development until a trailer hit the web. As someone not familiar with the John Carter series of books, it gave me a fresh look at what I might expect from this fantastic tale. I'm not usually into the fantasy genre, although I did love the Lor…

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